Bonus Blog- A Thanksgiving Prayer

Guest Blogger – A very dear friend

Dear Lord.  Across this great country of ours, we gather together to celebrate this Thanksgiving holiday.  Many of us are with family and friends.  The turkey and all the trimmings are set on the table before us.  We ask God to bless our food and all those present.  We begin to ask ourselves, what are we thankful for?

If you watch the news on television or read the paper, it seems that there is not much to celebrate.  Many have lost their jobs and many have lost their homes.  Hurricanes, tsunamis, fires have struck in several places around the world.  Some of these events have touched our lives.  Yet, even in bad times, Lord, we know You are with us.  Thank You God for giving us the opportunity to help our neighbors.  That is why we are here.  You ask us to reach out to those in need.  We thank You for all those who leave home and hearth behind them when disasters strike.  The men and women who volunteer their time and talent to give comfort to those storm-tossed or burned-out fellow countrymen are a blessing sent by You.  And every American who dug deep into their pockets to send aid to our neighbors overseas, for them we ask Your blessings.

Thank You Lord for all the young men and women who stand in harm’s way every day.  They proudly serve our country today in far off lands, separated from family and friends.   Especially, thank You God for the ones who paid the ultimate price for our freedom.  Thank You for their families.  They gave their children, their spouses, their parents so that we could live in freedom.

Thank You God for the farmers.  Without them, this meal would not be possible.  With Your gracious assistance, they grew and harvested what we are about to eat.  Thank You for the truck drivers and all those who transport this bounty to the stores.  We are grateful to all those who stocked the shelves and helped us at check out.  And Lord, thank You for all those who prepared this meal.  They worked with joy over a hot stove.  They chopped, diced, minced, stirred, mixed, blended, and baked.  It was their love for family and friends that guided their hand and hearts.  This You have given to us in abundance.

Thank You God for sharing this meal with us.  As we gather in Your Name, we believe You are with us.  Thank You for sustaining our faith.  Thank You for giving us strength in adversity and joy in our celebrations.  Most of all, we thank You for the love we share with one another at this table.  In Jesus Name.  AMEN…Let’s eat!

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