Psalm 61:1 NKJV – Sometimes prayer is not wrapped up in pretty paper

Hear my cry, O God; attend to my prayer.

Sometimes our prayer is not wrapped up in pretty paper and presented to God as a gift or a present. Sometimes our prayer is bend over, weeping until there is nothing left in us, not even a single breath. Sometimes our prayers are in desperation, seeking Almighty God because the answer we seek can only come from Him. Sometimes that’s just how it is.

Lamenting before God in prayer causes us to cast away our own understanding and wishful thinking and brings us to a place of absolute belief in the power of God. Importunity towards God is earnestness and perseverance in presenting our requests to Him seen in persistent pleading, faithful intercession and bold appeal. Pastor E. M. Bounds said this, “Importunate praying is the earnest, inward movement of the heart toward God. It is the throwing of the entire force of the spiritual man into the exercise of prayer. Isaiah lamented that no one stirred himself, to take hold of God. Much praying was done in Isaiah’s time, but it was too easy, indifferent and complacent. There were no mighty movements of souls toward God. There was no array of sanctified energies bent on reaching and grappling with God, to draw from Him the treasures of His grace. Forceless prayers have no power to overcome difficulties, no power to win marked results, or to gain complete victories. We must win God, ere we can win our plea.” Sometimes our prayer is not wrapped up in pretty paper.

With importunate prayer, there must be persistence. “Evening and morning and at noon I will pray, and cry aloud, and He shall hear my voice.” (Psalm 55:17 NKJV) With importunate prayer, there must be faithfulness in prayer. “Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, being watchful to this end with all perseverance and supplication for all the saints”. (Ephesians 6:18 NKJV) With importunate prayer, there must be earnestness in prayer. “I entreated Your favor with my whole heart; be merciful to me according to Your word.” (Psalm 119:58 NKJV) With importunate prayer, there must be boldness in prayer. “Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.” (Hebrews 4:16 NKJV)

Friend, there are times that because of our need, our circumstance, our desperation, we must call upon God, get into His presence, and relinquish everything that would distract us or encompass us and be alone with Him. We must win God as E.M. Bounds said. To win God is to win our plea. To move into God’s presence is to move our situation or our circumstance into His presence where all grace and mercy resides. There are times of “pretty paper” petitions to God. There’s nothing wrong in that. But sometimes, there’s a need for face down, I’m not moving until You move Lord, prayer.   Those of you who have experienced this kind of prayer know how exhausting and debilitating it is. But you also know how life changing, living-water quenching, God moving, Holy Spirit empowered it is. Glory to God! What is your circumstance? What are you facing? Is importunate prayer the prayer you need? Does your circumstance need for you to be persistent, faithful, earnest, and bold in your prayer? Only you can answer these questions. But let me tell you something about importunate prayer. Importunate prayer changes everything. It changes your outlook. It changes your position in prayer. It changes your heart. It changes how you approach God. In changes everything even your life.

Holy and gracious God. Sometimes we come to You with our needs wrapped up as offerings to You. Thank You that You receive them and answer them. But sometimes Lord, we come to You crying out, face down, in a pool of tears, wanting and waiting for Your presence. Thank You God that in those times You also receive us unto Yourself and move into our circumstance bringing all of Your glory, Your power, Your grace, Your mercy and Your love. For Your glory and honor. In Jesus Name. AMEN.

Don’t believe me, believe God!

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