Proverbs 18:10 – Our strong tower

The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe.

This scripture talks of God’s sufficiency for His children. God is enough. He is all we need. Can you imagine all that is laid up in the strong tower of the Lord.   He has given us His wealth, enough to enrich us. His feast to continually feed us. His protection when we need it. The strength of His tower to protect us. The Name of the Lord is all He has made known. All of His promises. All of His grace. All of His mercy. All of the security that comes in God. It is truly a strong tower. We can by faith and by prayer depend on God and run to Him. “Run into it” as a city of refuge. And as a refuge, we can partake in the comfort and the benefit of it. We live and dwell and find ourselves safe in it. Dwelling in God and God in us. What an incredible promise of the Lord. Enough said. Simply believe.

Dear Lord, thank You for being all that we need. Our strong tower. A place of refuge where we can partake in the fullness of You. You are everything for every need. Our protector, our provider, our strength, our feast, our gracious King and merciful Lord. Help us to remember Lord that You dwell in us and we in You. May we always find our comfort in You and look towards You, our tower. In Jesus Name. AMEN.

Don’t believe me, believe God!

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