Isaiah 41:13 NKJV – I have your hand. Fear not.

“For I, the Lord your God, will hold your right hand, Saying to you, ‘Fear not, I will help you.’”

This scripture verse causes my mind to make a picture. A picture of a great and almighty hand. The same picture that came into my mind the moment before I was given an anesthetic for a quintuple heart bypass operation.

The date was September 7, 2001. I had a heart attack on September 5th and I was told that two days later I would be having bypass surgery. My heart was not in good working order. There were five (5) arteries 90% closed or worse. There was not enough blood going into or out of my heart. I remember getting up very early on September 7th and the nurses were prepping me for surgery. My then fiancée, Nancy, was with me and my Pastor. I was being wheeled down to surgery, but had to wait in line. As I lay on the bed, I wondered what all would go on. I wasn’t nervous or worried. I knew it was necessary. And I had God to lean on. Nancy was at my side and the anesthesiologist was now there talking to me. He said to me that he had never witnessed a man at such peace as I was. He actually had to step back from the bed. It was like there was something around me that caused him not to be able to get close to me. He told me he had never witnessed that before. Nancy and I smiled. We knew what was happening.

I remember being moved into the operating room and moved to a stainless steel table. I recall talking with a “masked man” and he wasn’t the “Lone Ranger”. He said for me to take a couple of deep breaths. It was then I saw a great and almighty hand come down and lift me up. I knew that it was God.

This scripture could be the headline to my story. I won’t use it that way. But it remains a great and almighty promise to all of us. God will uphold us in our time of need. In this verse, the right hand is a symbol of power and protection. It’s a figure of speech that represents God’s ultimate power and authority. God Himself was taking charge. Hallelujah!!!

We can face anything knowing that God will be right there ready to take us by the hand and take control. I’m so glad He does.

Dear Lord, thank You that You love and care for us so much that You are there when we need You. When we are faced with fearful situations, You say to fear not. Thank You Lord for Your help. Forgive us when we think we can handle anything. We are not that strong. It’s only by Your hand that we have power and protection. Thank You Lord. In Jesus Name. AMEN.

Don’t believe me, believe God!

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