Psalm 147:3 NKJV – Our heart specialist

“He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.”

In the world and especially in the United States, there are doctors for any ailment that you can think of. Our education system teaches and trains individuals from every corner of the world to be doctors in many different areas of medicine. I have my “regular” doctor that I go to every 3 months for care and then there are the “specialists” that he sends me to when more specific care is needed. I’ve had doctors that I liked and doctors that I didn’t have much good to say about. I feel comfortable with my “regular” doctor and he handles just about everything. I’ve been a patient of his for over 10 years. We call each other by first name and I respect his opinion and what he prescribes for me.

I also have a cardiologist. He is one of those specialists. I also trust him and feel he cares for me very well.  I’ve been a patient of his for 20 years and I can call him by his first name and I respect him. But as talented as my “regular” doctor is and my cardiologist is, they can’t fix a broken heart. Oh, they can fix a heart that is not working like it should, but they can’t even come close to fixing a heart that was damaged by emotions, or hurt, or circumstances, or even death.

Sometimes we feel we’ll just get over it. Or we push it aside and hide it in the deepest part of our hearts thinking it will never expose itself again. But we’re wrong. A broken heart is something that needs care. Just like anything else. It needs to be healed. I’ve had my heart broken and it was always painful. I’ve suffered years with a broken heart because I refused to have it cared for. I tried in my own way to seek from others the necessary medicine to heal my broken heart. They tried, but nothing was ever permanent. It would hurt again and I would be taken back to the place where it was broken.

But then I found another “specialist” whose love, grace, and mercy was applied to my heart and I was healed. He looked deep into the corners of my heart and healed my hurt, my emotions, my circumstances. But He also healed one part of my heart that was the hardest to get into to. He healed the corner of my heart where unforgiveness lived. You see, the root of my broken heart was taking residence in my inability to forgive. I think you already know who my “specialist” is. His name is Jesus.

Unforgiveness in my heart took root over many years. Within that unforgiveness was anger, rage, wanting to be right, wanting revenge. So when Jesus applied His mercy and grace along with His blood, I got a transfusion. My heart was healed. His mercy and grace enabled me to see His love and that He loved me for who I was. And His blood applied the needed medicine for complete healing. My recovery began and it included forgiveness of others and of me.

Our foundational Scripture above is short and to the point. It’s a promise that we can hold on to. When our heart is broken, we have the person of Jesus who we can turn to. He heals the brokenhearted. He  is our ultimate “specialist”. Our Jehovah Raphi. The God who Heals. “…for I am the Lord that healeth thee.” (Exodus 15:26b)

Thank You Lord for being our Healer. Thank You that You promise to heal the brokenhearted. Thank You for healing my heart and revealing the cause of its brokenness. Help me Lord to continue to come to You when I feel hurt so that You can provide Your medicine of Love, Mercy, and Grace. Heal the hearts today Lord of those who are reading this devotion. Draw them to You Lord so that You can bring permanent healing. In Jesus Name. AMEN.

Don’t believe me, believe God!

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