Proverbs 28:25 NKJV – “Just the facts Ma’am”

He who is of a proud heart stirs up strife, but he who trusts in the Lord will be prospered.

I have struggled from time to time with pride. My personality lends itself, if not bridled, to be sort of prideful. My occupation is one of detective and problem solver in the nuclear power industry. And I have been trained over the years to always look for the facts. As a problem detective, I have to gather as much fact as possible in the early stages of my investigation, so that I can reconstruct the issue, or event, or problem. So I look for the facts. “Just the facts ma’am.” Like Sergeant Joe Friday would say. (You need to be old enough to remember the police show, “Dragnet” on a black and white TV. LOL) Sorry, I just had a moment of nostalgia. Anyways, it’s important to get the facts. A lot of people have their opinions, but I need to analyze factual information. This is where my pride sometimes gets me in trouble.

I generally do my problem investigations alone, but there are times that I have an investigative team. The team would consist of subject matter experts in plant operations, or engineering, or maintenance of plant equipment, or even leaders in the field of human performance.

Since it’s a team effort, I also learned in my training that others may have differing opinions on what is fact and what’s not fact. I can at times really push my opinion over someone else’s opinion on fact without sometimes seeking additional expert counsel.

What this scripture verse is really saying is that those who are content with themselves, that bear either contradiction or competition, or creates a disturbance to himself or others has a proud heart. Whoa. Really? Yup. I remember times of loud discussion on certain information that I was pretty sure was fact, only to find out my line of sight or point of view was flawed. That is where I have had to humble myself for the greater good of the team and to solve the problem and admit I was wrong. As a lead investigator, that can be hard to do. I know I have learned a lot.

This scripture also goes on to say that he who has satisfaction in God and who dwells at ease will have outwardly good things; that they would be prospered or as some translations say “will prosper”. Note the word “will”. Not maybe, but “will”. How many of you want God to prosper you. I know I do. It’s a promise. Listen to how “The Message” paraphrase puts it. “A grasping person stirs up trouble, but trust in God brings a sense of well-being.” I define “a sense of well-being” as that certain sense I get when I know everything is more than just OK. It’s really, really good.

So now I’ve learned that when I get to that place of pride where I think that I’m right no matter what you or anybody else thinks, I need to pause and pray. I stop and seek the Lord. I seek out that expert counsel and that sense of well-being.

Trusting in the Lord can be difficult. Mainly because we are flawed human beings. But we can trust God for all things; not only because of the promise of this Scripture passage, but because as we trust in the Lord, we can know that He will direct our paths. (Proverbs 3:5-6) That’s what I want; God’s direction.

Precious Lord, I thank You that as we trust in You, we can expect You to prosper us; to bring us into a presence of well-being in You. Help us Lord to recognize when our pride gets in the way of You and forgive us for when we push You aside to do things our own way. You are my Lord and my Light. I will follow You. In Jesus Name.   AMEN.

Don’t believe me, believe God!

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