Psalm 36:5 NKJV – Even so, You are good

Your mercy, O Lord, is in the heavens; Your faithfulness reaches to the clouds.

How much has anything really changed? When you look around you, you might agree with me that the technology, the amenities of the world have changed. That’s what they call progress. But in the real sense, has man changed all that much. David writes this psalm having looked around with grief at the world. He looks at a world polluted, who dishonors God, and who himself feels hunted down. Does this discourage him? It does not. He turns his heart; he turns his eyes toward God. He acknowledges Him saying literally, “However it be right now, even so You are good.” (Matthew Henry)

When reading the news or seeing it “Live” on the television, there are times when my heart aches like when I hear about the needless death of children. Or when I look upon the homeless with nowhere to live and little to eat.   When I realize the billions of dollars spent in the movie industry to pander obscenities and pollute the minds and destroy men, women, and children it leads me to pray, “Have mercy on us, Lord!” Then I remember not too long ago when we could walk the streets without fear and our children could attend school in peace. Not worried about what might happen. But today, there is no such peace. You might say why the gloom and despair? I’m just reporting the reality of life. What can anyone do to get through today?

David reminds us that God is an inexhaustible source of goodness. When men shut down all efforts and thoughts of compassion, with God we shall find mercy and grace at His throne. (Hebrews 4:16) When the enemy and the world begin devising plans of mischief against us, God’s thoughts concerning us are thoughts of good. (Jeremiah 29:11) We will be disappointed here on earth.   But in the presence of God, where His mercy reigns in perfection, there is eternal satisfaction.

So when the realities of this world and the times we live in begin to tear at us and bring us down, let us shift our hearts to the One whose “faithfulness reaches unto the clouds”. Let us set our thoughts and our minds on the One who’s always with us, never leaves us, knows every thought, and promises to give us hope. May we take the time to talk with Him and allow His tenderness and lovingkindness to calm our fears, to dry our tears, to lift us up, and to give us His peace?

Heavenly Father, the world we live in is full of corruption, grief, heartache, danger, and despair. But I life in You; a life in Christ is free from the pressures of this world and brings us the peace that flows like a river. Father, draws us close to you. May we endeavor to increase our time with You. May we have an open heart, open ears, and open eyes so that we can fully encounter You each day. You are our inexhaustible source of goodness; full of compassion. May you pour out Your mercy and grace over us. We give You praise. In Jesus Name. Amen.

 Don’t believe me, believe God!

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