In 2009, God birthed in our hearts to create a prayer devotion page. This daily prayer devotion blog is an extension of the Painesville Assembly of God Prayer Ministry. While this is not a prayer request page, the daily devotion is designed to encourage and establish you in the truth of God’s Word and believing that God hears and answers our prayers.

To receive this prayer devotion, click on ‘Follow” and the daily devotion will be posted directly to your email address.  Then you can open the link directly to the page and view the devotion.  You’ll find periodic video attached as well as a “Categories” section where you can view past devotions by their applicable category.  You can also follow us on Twitter @teachustopray.

We pray that each one of you who views this devotion/blog will be richly blessed by the Power of God’s Word.

God bless you!

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you George and Nancy for making this devotion available to me and seeing the need of me and others. I really needed this devotion today. It spoke volumes to me. God bless you both and love to you also.

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  2. I had a question. God is able to more then we think. I believe this. But what if we believed this and didn’t see anything happen? I now believe he is able, BUT doesn’t mean he will do what we desire, hope for or expect. So what am I hoping in? Is that really true believing? Or do I have to believe he will actually do it on my behalf. It would hurt to trust again that he would DO and not is just able to do.


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