Just… Like… That…

Just… Like… That…

Jessie Jeanine

Our lives can change

In an instant,
For better or worse,
In the blink of an eye
Just… like… that.

Just like that
Everything we know can be gone.
Or changed…
Improved, Enhanced, Enriched
Made better or worse…
In an instant
A flash
Everything can be different.
Just like that.

Ever have it happen
Just… like… that?

Each day is a gift.

Do you love life?
I mean… really LOVE it?
Do you love to live and live to love?
Do you take advantage of every good opportunity that comes your way?
Do you look for the positives in every situation?
Do you seek happiness around every corner?
Do you steal every moment of laughter and joy you can from the day ~
With your family, your friends, your colleagues… yourself?
Does your attitude reflect that you’re enjoying whatever it is that you’re doing?
Do you leave no stone unturned when pursuing…

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Podcasts – Wednesday Night Prayer Service


I am so excited to share with everyone a new page on our blog, “Teach Us To Pray”.  Our new page directs you to a Podcast link to listen to messages from the Painesville Assembly of God Wednesday Night Prayer Service.  God has blessed us with the capability and now God’s Word can be shared in audio to those who visit this blog.

I pray that you will visit, “Podcasts – Wednesday Night Prayer Service” and be changed, challenged, and blessed by it.

Glory to God,